My Reflection

I believe, every course that i have learn in this university are useful for my next future, to become a good teacher. That’s why, i believe that i will get so many new knowledge from PETA. From our first lesson, i have learn and discussed with my group about the characteristic of effective teaching. I also try to describe bad and good characters from our teachers in senior high school.

For the second week, i learn so much about new things. So many effective things i got like:

1. Learn about understanding learning
This is very effective for us as a teacher candidate. By learn this lesson we’ll know how to create and increase students understanding. One important thing that i like from this topic, when Ms. Tika said “Fun is not everything, fun without knowledge useless, fun without understanding is nothing”

2. Watching Video
We watched an interesting video for this week about pelajaran tematik. This is very effective way for us to understand more and to make a reflection WHAT WILL WE DO AS A TEACHER? I also learn that is not good when the teacher teach students to repeating what they say like INI ADALAH MEEEE (LOOON), THIS IS BLUEEE (BANNND) HEHE.

3. Discussion
Sometimes i like to be discuss with my friends, because we can share our opinion based on problems.

For ineffective way for the second week is about CLASS PREPARATION, i mean about preparing media like computer, sound systems and etc. If we spend about 10 minutes every week to prepare the class, we’ll spend so much time.

Ok, that’s all my reflection about our course for the second week. I waiting for your comments, my friends!!!



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9 responses to “My Reflection

  1. Dear Sufy,

    I like to give comment on your example of repeating…hahaha, It’s so funny and it’s very you..:p. Actually I also agree with your statement that Learning require understanding. It’s very principal because learning without understanding is to be like a tree without any fruits at all. It’s useless, isn’t it?
    I have a similar thinking with you. Discussion is very interesting and it’s necessarily applied in the teaching and learning process, because discussion is combining several thoughts to get great conclusion. So, discussion is very useful for PETA course.

  2. Nellis Nevada

    Dear Sufy,
    I agree with you. Besides watching “Pembelajaran Tematik” video, group discussion, I am so interested with practice about SK and KD. In my section, SK and KD have discussed. Woww..that was amazing, Sufy. I think that become a teacher is not easy thing 🙂

  3. Hi Sufi,
    Your reflection is so nice,
    There are similarity with me. Especially when our class watch “video pembelajaran”-Tematik course. There are so many knowledge that we can get from it, isn’t it?
    However, Sufi, I disagree with your fourth paragraph, about ‘not good teacher’. According to me, it’s not about good or bad/not good teacher, but it’s about effectiveness’s teacher,” how to teach students that will increase of inquiry students thinking.

  4. Sufi, yo always make me laugh about your reflection, it’s very fun. hahahaahahaha. 😉
    your reflection is almost same with me. I agree with you fun in education sometimes make useless, because maybe the students only get “fun” but they lose the main purpose of the lesson. But, actually, sometimes we need the “fun factor” to make students not bored about our lesson. hehehehehe. 🙂

  5. hhahahahahaha.. ~
    sorry for laugh before i give comment on your reflection.. 😛
    ur reflection is so funny!! Especially for Blueeee banddddd !!
    i agree with u sufy. fun without understanding is nothing.. Sometimes, we can forgot about the main objective from the activities. Teaching with understanding is very important because it can increase students understanding with link the new material to the prior knowledge. 🙂

  6. Aloooo Sufiii…….
    Hmmmm, your reflection is so fun..(
    Same with me, in PETA lesson many knowledge and prefer to be a teacher. So, I as a candidate teacher feel lucky becoz can get this lesson. I hope, with PETA lesson can prefer us to be e new generation teacher, all right?
    I also very like ur quote from Ms. Nisa, “Fun is not everything, fun without knowledge useless, fun without understanding is nothing”. The sentences is very interesting and meaningful. God Job Ufy…. 🙂

  7. aiiufull

    I didn’t attend the class on previous meeting, so your reflection is very helpful to me.

    From the reflection that you made the thing that I like is what miss Tika said, “Fun is not everything, fun without knowledge useless, fun without understanding is nothing”, because I do thing that it is true.

  8. ulfah

    Sufyan suri, I agree with u that FUN isn’t everything.
    let’s we create methods which make students FUN but meaningful…apalagi matematika lho,,,,;)

  9. Ulfa, thanks for your comment ya, hehe …. uhm matematika fun? let we think again, haha

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